was founded in 1999.

Ghettometal is also a band formed by Scoonie Gee-Vocals/Guitar with Lukky Martin-Drums, Kacy Jones-Guitar, and JP Daoust-Bass. The bands website is at

The Ghettometal family consists of various artists, musicians, deejays, producers, engineers, poets, animators, models, rappers, skateboarders, designers, illustrators, and fans from all around the world.

We have our own state of the art recording studio located in Los Angeles, California, where we do recordings of bands “live”. It’s open to any style of band. Bands that play all kinds of music, all genres, all styles and we offer start to finish production at very affordable rates.

We also produce new talent and we are always looking for new bands, singers, rappers to record and produce to take them to that next level and get them professional exposure with a radio ready product.

Write us a brief email, send us a link to your music and tell us your goals, so we can assist you with that next step. Our industry connections in all genres of music will hear what you have done at our studio! Contact us at . Your voice and music will be heard!